Battlemech/Mechwarrior Mk2, Extreme Cosplay Costume

This is a Catapult model battlemech from the computer game Mechwarrior. It has taken over two years to build and cost over $1,000CAD in materials!

It has 6 exterior cameras for the wearer to be able to see the surroundings, and an internal camera that displays the wearer’s face in the pilot’s seat. The story is, this mech is now “remote controlled from HQ, so there is no need for a pilot, so this mech was retrofit for remote guidance”.

This costume is 6ft wide and 5ft long, and with the antenna, well over 7ft tall. By design, however, it come apart into many smaller pieces so that I can get through a normal sized door (and convenient for transportation, of course).

[edit] ******************************
If you wish to shout about the inaccuracies of this costume (leg/body proportions, features/abilities, non-digitigrade legs, etc), then there is something important for you to know: In the cosplay community, it is considered extremely rude to “inform” people that their costume is in any way inaccurate to screen, made poorly, or in any way not good enough. Costumes are a work of art. In the cosplay scene, they are made at the cost of the creator’s time and money for YOUR entertainment. It cost you nothing. If you have something positive to say about someone’s costume, then say it. If you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself. That’s “the code” in the cosplay realm.

I am working on building a set of plans for my original, kid-carrying battlemech, so I will announce when that is available for purchase.

Playlist for this build:

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