7 Famous Shields you can make for cosplay, costumes, or just for fun

I show you a whole lot of creative techniques for making shields out of common materials including cardboard, foamboard or even a plastic sled. Make a specific shield or use my techniques to make your own shield.
How to get a great metallic painted look.
How to curve foamboard..
And more..

Here is the playlist to all 12 of my shield making projects:

The seven shields in this video are:
00:01 Introduction
01:45 Spartan Shield
02:25 Viking Shield
03:20 Zelda Hylian Shield
03:54 Skyrim Dawnguard Shield
05:01 Roman Scutum
07:06 LOTR Elven Shield
08:46 Captain America Shield

Lots more stuff on my website at:

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